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New Research Finds You Should Actually Be Taking More Breaks At Work

Stepping away for 17 minutes every 52 minutes can improve your productivity.

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You don't need science to tell you that slogging at the keyboard eight hours a day gets tiring.

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But here's some to get the ball rolling: One study found sitting around all day can increase your risk of an early death. And if your office is noisy, you're more likely to feel stressed and physical pain. Ugh.

The most productive work for 52 minutes at a time, which they follow with a luxurious 17-minute break.

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How? Working hard and playing hard. Instead of distractions peppering their day, the productivity wizards do a mad dash, then completely step away from the computer, Julia Gifford writes about the results in The Muse. That way they don't hit a wall after staring at the same thing too long.