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This CD Shattering In Slow Motion Is Majestically Satisfying

Finally, a use for all those free AOL hours you've been saving up for decades.

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The Slow Mo Guys take everyday things and film them using high-speed cameras for magnificent slow-motion videos.

The Slow Mo Guys / Via

In a new episode featuring their slowest footage yet, Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy take a few CDs to see if they can make them shatter using nothing but a vacuum cleaner motor and some good old-fashioned rotational speed.

At 2,500 frames per second (FPS), there's not much to see.

The Slow Mo Guys / Via

OK, so warp speed isn't technically real, but the CD is warping.

At 28,500 FPS, you start to see some of that sweet bending action.

The Slow Mo Guys / Via

That's only about 1,100 times slower than regular speed.

How about even faster — say, about 170,000 FPS?

The Slow Mo Guys / Via

It would only take seven-and-a-half hours to watch those four seconds and 96 gigs of footage.


The Slow Mo Guys / Via

Watch the slow-mo splintering footage below.

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