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    Jun 11, 2015

    Pornhub Wants To Make The First Ever Sex Tape In Space

    Calling all asstronauts.

    Pornhub is calling all sexplorers for a crowdfunding Indiegogo campaign to shoot the first ever sex tape in space.

    Pornhub / Via

    That we know of, anyway. The porn site is teaming up with adult studio Digital Playground, and the video will feature stars Eva Lovia and Johnny Sins.

    The funds needed: $3.4 million. When this post was published, they were at nearly $9,000 after one day.

    Pornhub / Via

    Here's a breakdown of the costs, which shows that most of the money would be allocated to actually getting into space. (Where does one get space insurance?)

    The perks start at the $1 mark of Rock Scientist all the way up to Asstronauts at $10,000.


    Missed opportunity for Rock-Hard Scientists or...?

    For $150,000, you'll get the spacesuits the stars wear in the actual video.

    Pornhub / Via

    Finally, you have free reign to make as many black hole and Uranus jokes as your heart desires.

    Space: the final (fucking) frontier.


    Will the porn stars make it to the stars?

    You can check out the campaign (or even donate!) here.

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