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    This Artist Creates Adorably Weird Figurines Out Of Clay

    A Phoenix artist stumbled into starting a business when commissions started pouring in.

    Having done artistic things her whole life, Phoenix artist Macy McKenny, 29, accidentally landed on clay as her medium of choice.

    After posting some of her tiny creations on social media, the reactions quickly snowballed into people asking to buy them.

    The pieces are actually more complex than they look on the outside, she says.

    One of her biggest commissions has been a set of Bob's Burgers snails for the show's studio.

    McKenny says she adores the show, as well as cartoons and video games.

    She's also made GIR from Invader ZIM.

    Other masterful creations include animals.

    And this tiny pink dinosaur!

    Then there's this little guy.

    And this predator.

    Then there are these potted cephalopods.

    And this wide-eyed bird.

    There's also this fire-breather in training.

    Check out more of McKenny's adorable work on Instagram.