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23 Times Science Went Terribly, Terribly Wrong

Cheetah poop, pee, and gluing yourself to a crocodile are just some of the hazards of a #fieldworkfail.

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When scientists step out of the safety of a lab, anything can happen. Here are some of the funniest #fieldworkfail stories that researchers are sharing on Twitter.

Outside of a controlled environment, things can get a little messy.


That sinking feeling when you realise you have inadvertently exchanged saliva with a dead jackal #fieldworkfail


When you are collecting cheetah poop and drop some on yourself. #fieldworkfail #distractinglysexy


The first time I hiked to active lava flows in HI, I melted the soles of my boots. Then I went through water and they shrank. #fieldworkfail


Spilled dirty ethanol & clove oil down front of wetsuit. Had 2 pretend I wasn't getting chemical burns while talking to crew #fieldworkfail

It's easy to be distracted when there's so much going on around you.


Skillfully applied thousand dollar satellite tag to manta ray. The same manta ray I tagged yesterday #fieldworkfail


Caught in thunderstorm, ditched metal auger to be safe. When I got back remembered I was wearing GPS backpack with 3m aerial. #fieldworkfail


Thinking you are alone having a peaceful pee, only to straighten up and find cars full of tourists looking at you. #fieldworkfail


Leave mess tent not wearing my glasses, wonder where the brown tent came from & why it's moving. Opposite of Bear Aware. #fieldworkfail

Occasionally there are some technical difficulties.


I thought I was deleting just 1 picture from the digital camera. Nope. Erased. All. The. Pictures #fieldworkfail


For 20% of my camera traps, this was their fate: death by elephant #fieldworkfail

And your vehicle sacrifices itself for the sake of science.


On the first day of field work for my MS thesis, my car got stuck on some train tracks and yes, got hit by a train. #FieldWorkFail


Sank the boat in the middle of a crocodile survey. Twice. #fieldworkfail


When you lose any entire wheel on drive. I mean an entire wheel. #fieldworkfail

Other times, things might elude you.


A lizard that had eluded capture for weeks jumped on my head and ran down the entire length of me. I still couldn't catch it. #fieldworkfail


Spent 15 min. in W. Texas trying to identify rodent in live trap. Field guide failed to help. It was a Hamster. #fieldworkfail


While tracking large alligator, remarked to colleagues, "Wow, these tracks look really fresh!" Looked up. "Oh, there it is." #fieldworkfail

Just do your best to avoid sticky situations.


Accidentally glued myself to a crocodile while attaching a radio transmitter. #fieldworkfail


Not a crocodile but I accidentally glued myself to a very angry crab. #fieldworkfail #Igluedmyself @AgataStaniewicz

And always do the best with what you've got.


Forgot to bring enough seasickness meds to Tarawa. Attempt to purchase locally w/ gestures led to a corset & pregnancy test #fieldworkfail


Having to 'ride' the model #shark to the sea floor because it's just too buoyant #fieldworkfail


Muskox fell into our excavation block, destroyed our walls and peed everywhere. Muskox fine, stinky digging, however #fieldworkfail

When in doubt, laugh and take a picture.


Finding out the ground was not as stable as appeared #Askja #Fieldworkfail camerawoman took pic instead of helping

Or just terrify some children.


Released a goldfinch "Mr flappy" that was immediately captured by a falcon in front of 24 horrified middle school girls #fieldworkfail

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