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    What 3D-Printed Candy Actually Tastes Like

    We had volunteers try geometric treats. Here's what they had to say.

    A dozen BuzzFeed staff members tried neon sours and geometric peppermints, made using a 3D printer.

    Victor Tatum / BuzzFeed

    Candy of the future, or trendy novelty item? Only one way to find out: have a mystery taste test.

    Victor Tatum / BuzzFeed

    Initial reactions varied:

    "Sour Patch/SweeTarts/Kool-Aid powder mashed in my mouth."

    "Reminiscent of diner mints."

    "The size was deceiving. I expected to have more candy in my mouth."

    "I started frowning pretty much the second it went in my mouth. Whatever that was, it's on a short list of things I don't plan to eat again."

    Victor Tatum / BuzzFeed

    The candy was unanimously voted as looking incredibly cool:

    "It was beautiful."

    "I liked it. 10/10 would eat the sour one again."

    "It was one of the coolest-looking candies I've eaten, though I needed confirmation that it was candy."

    "I liked how it looked, not so much how it tasted."

    Victor Tatum / BuzzFeed

    Everyone guessed sugar correctly, with some interesting variations:

    "Pixie Dust."

    "A Lifesaver that — somehow — went stale."

    "Sugar, maybe with some paper plates mixed in."

    (The real ingredients: Sugar, starch, water, natural and artificial flavor and colorants, alcohol [<1% by weight].)

    Victor Tatum / BuzzFeed

    The majority were unsure of it as an experience, but some loved it:

    "The experience was too short. I needed more."

    "It's been like five minutes and I can still taste it. And not really in a good way."

    "The initial texture was weird. I liked the sour one, but I think I would destroy my mouth eating tons."

    "It wasn't chocolate."

    Victor Tatum / BuzzFeed

    The pieces being too small was one of the main critiques:

    "I'd make it bigger. One piece feels like a fraction of a piece of candy."

    "Add butter, probably. Everything tastes better with butter."


    Victor Tatum / BuzzFeed

    Most would not treat themselves:

    "Depends on how much."

    "Probably not, but I would definitely pick some up off a tray of hors d'oeuvres."

    But the law of diminishing returns was revoked when it came to gift-giving:

    "Yes, because it's pretty and people would be amazed."


    "Yeah, I might do that."

    Victor Tatum / BuzzFeed

    Some were willing to shell the dough. Others, not so much:

    "I mean, sure."


    "Nope. Hard pass."

    "Hell to the no."

    Victor Tatum / BuzzFeed





    You can buy the 3D confections at The Sugar Lab.