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26 Signs You're A Highly Sensitive Person

It's OK, we're overwhelmed, too.

1. You absorb everyone's emotions.

2. You’re highly empathetic.

3. Teachers tried to help you “overcome” whatever they thought you suffered from.

4. Making a decision takes forever.

5. Noise is your mortal enemy.

6. Especially loud talking.

7. And open-office plans.

8. You prefer cozily lit environments.

9. You need time to decompress.

10. Mean internet comments make you really sad.

11. You have a creative job or hobbies.

12. You prefer exercising alone.

13. You startle easily.

14. And avoid violent movies and TV shows.

15. You're very polite.

16. And never say what you mean.

17. You also have a hard time saying "no."

18. You're more susceptible to pain than others.

19. You notice subtleties others don't.

20. And notice mistakes faster than others.

21. People tell you to not take things so seriously.

22. People tell you to toughen up.

23. People tell you to fuck it.

24. And mistake your sensitivity as a weakness.

25. Music and art and movies can move you to pieces.

26. But feeling so hard all the time means you feel bliss even more, too.