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17 Things You Deeply Relate To When It's Petsa De Peligro

Kapit lang bes, malapit na ang sweldo!

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Kar Victoriano

1. Jollibee 39ers is the universe's way of saying, "I got you".

Jollibee / Via 1.

2. You tend to be more friendly kasi baka may manlibre sayo.

3. Makikihati na lang sa pagkain ni bes.

Jollibee / Via

4. Nakakapag-exercise ka because you choose to walk instead of riding the tricycle.

Star Cinema / Via

5. You keep on wondering kung saan napunta ang sweldo mo.

Star Cinema / Via

6. And you promise not to waste a single centavo after the next sweldo.

Preview / Via

7. You try to attend all of your work meetings kasi baka may pakain!

Star Cinema / Via

8. Pag may pa-lunch sa office, itotodo mo na hanggang dinner!

Star Cinema / Via

Carbs on carbs on carbs on carbs?!

9. Mag balik loob sa MRT, jeep, and bus (walang aircon pls).

McDonals Philipppined / Via

Boss, libre ba pag sabit?

10. You start to fancy San Marino Corned Tuna or kahit anong delata.

San Marino / Via

11. Siomai and rice is the perfect combo meal for you.

Kapag petsa de peligro. Sa Siomai Rice kumakapit. 😂

Via Twitter: @ryanjc21

12. You always ask for extra rice and extra sabaw.

Mang Inasal / Via

13. Hinalughog mo na mga maduming damit mo kasi baka may naiwang barya.

Star Cinema / Via

14. Alert ka sa bawat sukli na ibibigay sayo kasi baka magkulang.

Pepsi / Via

15. You're extra lambing to your parents because... "pautang"

Star Cinema / Via

16. Pinakyaw mo na ang Pancit Canton sa tindahan

Lucky Me! / Via

17. Tapos, after all that, iniisip mo na kung pano mo ire-reward ang sarili mo pag dating ng sweldo.

GMA / Via

You made it, bes! On to the next one!