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This Is Exactly How You And Your Bes Team Up To Get That Perfect Profile Picture

"Bes, palitan na natin yung profile pic mo!"

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1. Laging handa si bes to take your photo, ready ka man o hindi.

Rogue Magazine / Via

2. Bes is best in photography with matching choreography pa!


3. A little bit of acting is involved too to get the perfect shot.

Method acting, ganen!

4. Got a pimple? No problem. Si bes na bahala dyan!

Preview Magazine / Via

5. Buhay mo vs. profile picture, mamili ka.

Metro Magazine / Via

6. Mas candid, mas maganda.

Globe Telecom / Via

7. Bes is willing to go to any lengths (or heights) para mahuli ang best angle mo.

Drone what?
Milanos / Via

Drone what?

8. Kaya nyong mag-photo shoot anytime, anywhere.

Kashieca / Via

9. And of course, you have to do the same for bes. Hindi laging ikaw.

Kashieca / Via

10. To get the best photo, minsan ikaw ang kailangang mag-adjust sa camera.

Baba kang konti...Baba pa...Baba pa...Taas konti...Baba pa...*CLICK*
Preview / Via

Baba kang konti...

Baba pa...

Baba pa...

Taas konti...

Baba pa...


11. Bes is also there for your low-key kalandian.

Metro / Via

12. Magkasabwat kayo sa bawat schemes.

13. Bes knows exactly when to click that shutter!

Rogue Magazine / Via

14. You and your bes do what ever it takes to get a good photo. Tiis-ganda!


15. You've mastered high fashion poses.

Jay Tablante / Via

16. You do what bloggers do para #IgGoals.

SM Youth / Via

17. And it's good to have a bes who will take one thousand photos of you just to get that perfect shot.

Kashieca / Via

Labyu, bes! 💖📸

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