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    48 Pictures That Will Make You Say "What The Fuck?!"

    "What did I just look at." -You

    1. Okay, let's start off really easy. Take a look at this:

    Ditid / Via

    2. "Ah, there they are!"

    DocYen / Via

    3. The two things I care about most. Finally combined.

    santiagob95 / Via

    4. "It was late night" - Motorcycle

    AquafieR_ / Via

    5. Me, every time I visit a museum:

    6. "I almost got it."

    ThatMudkipGuy / Via

    7. How many copies did you want?

    8. "Do you like bananas?" – "Why do you ask?" – "Just wondering."

    Manacute / Via

    9. Damn it, white bread is so unhealthy but so tasty.

    KaizerFuckingGibby / Via

    10. "And what are your hobbies?"

    hypnozooid / Via

    11. When a barista goes to the forest:

    nanobuilder / Via

    12. Does that feature come standard with the car?

    hypnozooid / Via

    13. Enjoy your meal!

    CaptEduardoDelMango / Via

    14. Sometimes it is hard to distinguish insanity from genius.

    godofkratos3 / Via

    15. Breakfast is ready!

    nanobuilder / Via

    16. "Yes, what is it?"

    hypnozooid / Via

    17. A warm meal is a warm meal.

    cibolm / Via

    18. Better safe than sorry.

    AGaryGazAppeared / Via

    19. Welcome to my new home office:

    de_stroyd / Via

    20. They look great, but they do get a little cold in the winter.

    hypnozooid / Via

    21. What kind of idiot pays $4 for a smoothie?

    CosmicKeys / Via

    22. What? Your city doesn't have a stack of chairs as high as a three story building?

    ente3000 / Via

    23. 2016 as a photo:

    KevlarYarmulke / Via

    24. Enjoy.

    Ikilledmypastaccout / Via

    25. Crap, we're out of butter.

    _lilPoundcake / Via

    26. Just go down 6th Street for three feet and you'll be there. You can't miss it.

    27. Everyone seems pretty confused by this one.

    Zachums / Via

    28. Harry Cyclotter.

    cibolm / Via

    29. Eyes on the road? Check. Hands at ten and two? Check.

    Jukk / Via

    30. Not the surprise I was expecting but I'm still obviously thrilled.

    CosmicKeys / Via

    31. "Honey! How do you know when pasta is done?"

    CosmicKeys / Via

    32. Mmm, yummy.

    cibolm / Via

    33. ♫ Sauerey the krautman was a jolly, happy soul! ♫

    ente3000 / Via

    34. Hands up, or I'll...

    CosmicKeys / Via

    35. Just let him watch TV in peace.

    CosmicKeys / Via

    36. Most people don't realize where pizza actually comes from.

    ente3000 / Via

    37. Listen, it's more economical AND it's good for the environment.

    CosmicKeys / Via

    38. When you've had a hard day, you do what you've gotta do to unwind a little.

    simpletonsavant / Via

    39. Hell, I might be hungry enough for two sandwiches!

    cibolm / Via

    40. "No! Not fresh enough! ANOTHER!"

    emersonic420 / Via

    41. Anyone have a quarter?

    rKO13 / Via

    42. I liked the first couple, but around the fourth one, the "50 Shades of Gray" books started getting really weird.

    43. "Weeee!" - duck

    CosmicKeys / Via

    44. Suicide by slow seagull decapitation.

    hypnozooid / Via

    45. This guy is taking advantage of all his constitutional rights.

    Good_Kid_MEME_City / Via

    46. Mindfuck.

    New_Wav / Via

    47. What smell?

    nanobuilder / Via

    48. "Apple support? My mouse isn't working."

    T3hN1nj4 / Via

    You can find even more of these pics in the awesome subreddit hmmm - Pics that make you go hmmm....

    This post was translated from German.

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