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29 Things That Are Definitely NOT Penises

Just a bunch of ordinary old photos. Why? What are you seeing?

1. Hey! Cool rims.

TrollErgoSum / Via

2. Whoops! How did that happen?

go_jane_eyre / Via

3. Huh. I've never seen a drink like that before. What do you call that?

4. Um, you really shouldn't have that out while you're chopping stuff.

jabbathechav / Via

5. I'll give you two some privacy.

d4hm3r / Via

6. I bet that's the last time she ever wears that dress!

apoeticturtle / Via

7. Take it nice and easy on this hole. Definitely don't hit the ball too hard.

PunkZdoc / Via

8. Aww. What a lovely decoration. Why is everyone laughing?

Lukeme9X / Via

9. That dude can go to the bathroom wherever he damn well pleases.

fox93hunter / Via

10. Oh! What a lovely...mermaid?

XBunnyLebowski / Via

11. Scandinavia: The throbbing tip of Europe.

ven0mz / Via

12. Nature is so beautiful.

moncure / Via

13. A perfect picture for the family album.


14. Oh no! Looks like you fell asleep on

Pim-hole / Via

15. Whoa! Malaysia seems like a fun place.

bahia9000 / Via

16. Oh, how sweet! A bike light in the shape of a heart.

sk8ingnakedhurtz / Via

17. *Breathes in deeply* Ahh! What a fresh scent.

Lut0x / Via

18. Is that office chair good for your posture?

CapnCrunk666 / Via

19. This wine is perfect for ~after dinner~.

Rorschach_on_ur_face / Via

20. Leave your mark everywhere you step.

derekdepenguinman / Via

21. Looks like someone is excited to eat their vegetables.

SurlyTurkey / Via

22. She just can't figure out why nobody will swipe right on her profile.

strallus / Via

23. Aw! What a cute little...puppy.

i124qnds / Via

24. Ever wonder what a man's head looks like when photographed from directly below the neck?

Johnny_Jon_John / Via

25. Oh, no thank you. I'm absolutely stuffed.

MistahBabadook / Via

26. Well, that's certainly an interesting placement for an inflation nozzle on a balloon.

27. Ever go digging around in someone's dresser and find their inside-out sock?

OldWorld8lues / Via

28. It's like the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Breathtaking.

Laureltess / Via

29. I CANNOT WAIT for Christmas.

burntheministry / Via

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