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    17 Reasons The Germans Are Better At Traffic Jams Than We Are

    Germany's doing it right.

    1. We've all been there — you're sitting in traffic on a highway, sirens wailing behind you, but nobody's able to move enough to let the emergency vehicle through to remedy the situation.

    2. But what if we were more like Germany, where they make emergency lanes for ambulances and other emergency vehicles to get through?

    3. When you're in an accident on the highway, the emergency services have got to reach you in order to save your life.

    4. Look how easy the life of a paramedic is if drivers create an emergency lane.

    5. And how happy emergency lanes make people!

    6. Emergency lanes are super easy to make during the daytime...

    7. But also at night!

    8. In good weather...

    9. And in bad weather.

    10. Emergency lanes make life easier for everybody.

    11. And you want to carry on driving as soon as possible, right?

    12. Creating emergency lanes isn't hard at all!

    13. If drivers are in the left-hand lane, they just move a bit further to the left-hand edge. All lanes in the right head a little further to the right. Et voilà!

    14. Look at this wonderful moment when everyone in this traffic jam understood exactly what they needed to do.

    15. Perfect emergency lanes look so good you just have to capture the moment for Instagram.

    16. So, to summarize, the Germans have it right when it comes to traffic jams.

    17. And not just because they look so freaking fantastic.

    This post was translated from German.