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22 Photos You're Absolutely Going To Hate

Take a deep breath. You're going to hate this.

1. DUDE!

Bartholomew_White / Via

2. Great! I can never use this stovetop ever again.

3. Just tear the house down and start over.

4. We're not even trying anymore, are we?

5. Come on. It can't be difficult to fit the time into THE AREA SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED TO SHOW THE TIME.

6. Someone get me a pair of scissors.

7. "Sorry boss. I'm gonna be in a little late today. There's something I need to take care of."

dubplate / Via

8. Honestly? Someone should get fired for this.

9. Are you kidding me?

Maklo_Never_Forget / Via

10. That's not how angles work. That's not how perspectives work. That's NOT HOW ANYTHING WORKS.

11. Sorry, I guess I missed the entire hockey game because I was too distracted by the TERRIBLE placement of the jumbotron.

r35h93 / Via

12. If someone you love uses two different earbuds on their headphones, you know what you have to do: LEAVE THEM.

13. Wait, NO! That's not how reviews work!

14. WHY?!

dreimanis / Via

15. Time to find a new apartment!

blanketsaresoft / Via

16. I would go out of my way to not take this route home.

17. I know it's a waste of good candy, but I'd just throw that whole pack out if I were you.

Ostain / Via

18. This is just irresponsible.

19. Unconscionable.

20. Dammit! We ALMOST did you, you guys. But we FUCKED IT UP right at the last minute.

positivecynik / Via


22. Ugh. You should know better, Monk.

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