This Is What The Boards Of Some Of The Biggest Companies In The World Would Look Like Without Men

    Only five of the thirty companies traded on the DAX stock exchange have more than one woman on the board. There's even more without any women at all.

    1. The board of Adidas with men and without men:

    2. The board of Allianz with men and without men:

    3. The board of BASF Chemicals with men and without men:

    4. The board of Bayer Pharmaceuticals with and without men:

    5. The board of Beiersdorf (makes of Eucerin, Aquaphor, Nivea, etc.) with and without men:

    6. The board of BMW with and without men:

    7. The board of Commerzbank with men and without men:

    8. The board of Continental Automotive Group with men and without:

    9. The board of Daimler (owners of Mercedes-Benz) with and without men:

    10. The board of Deutsche Bank with and without men:

    11. The board of Deutsche Börse (a large European stock exchange) with and without men:

    12. The board of DHL with men and without men:

    13. The board of Deutsche Telekom (owners of T-Mobile) with and without men:

    14. The board of E·ON (owners of one of Europe's largest electric utility service providers) with men and without:

    15. The board of the Fresenius Group (a European provider of medical goods and services) with and without men:

    16. And the board of Fresenius Medical Care with men and without:

    17. The board of HeidelbergCement Building Materials with men and without men:

    18. The board of Henkel (owners of brands such as Loctite and Persil) with and without men:

    19. The board of Infineon Technologies with men and without:

    20. The board of The Linde Group (the world's largest industrial gas company) with men and without men:

    21. The board of Lufthansa Airlines with and without men:

    22. The board of Merck (the oldest operating chemical and pharmaceutical company in the world) with men and without men:

    23. The board of Munich Reinsurance Company with men and without:

    24. The board of ProSiebenSat.1 Media (one of Europe's biggest mass media companies) with men and without men:

    25. The board of RWE Electric Utilities with and without men:

    26. The board of SAP Enterprise Software with men and without:

    27. The board of Siemens with and without men:

    28. The board of ThyssenKrupp (one of the world's largest steel producers) with men and without men:

    29. The board of Volkswagen with and without men:

    30. The board of Vonovia Real Estate with men and without:

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    This post was translated from German.