Teen Filmmakers Take On Issues Of Bullying And Teen Suicide

Teen filmmakers in Raw Art Works’ (RAW) Real to Reel film program took on the issues of bullying and teen suicide through the full production of a music video which they conceptualized, wrote, directed, and edited entirely on their own for Boston indie rock artist and activist Jen Grygiel (GRYGIEL). RAW’s teens worked to convey the stories of three gay teens as they support each other through the difficult reality of being gay in high school. Social isolation, bullying, family stress, and heartbreak are all explored within the hopeful stories of youth emerging positively from situations where there seems to be almost no end in sight; a striking visual accompaniment to the powerful words of GRYGIEL’s own “It Gets Better” story. The single can be purchased at: http://grygiel.bandcamp.com/track/make-it-out

karouselmag • 6 years ago