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24 Things Only People Who Live In Apartments Can Understand

Do you live in an apartment? Do you dream of one day living in your very own house and no longer hearing footsteps from people you just can’t stand? Here are 24 things only apartment dwellers can understand.

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1. That warm feeling you got when you first set eyes on your apartment slowly faded away once you met your neighbors.

2. If you say hello to someone walking their dog around your apartment complex, they almost always never say “hello” back.

3. They also never pick up their dog’s crap.


4. When you’re hanging out in your living room, you always hear your neighbors moving furniture around. Seriously, how many times must they rearrange their furniture?

5. The volume of your favorite TV shows is always too low because you don’t want your neighbors filing a noise complaint.

6. You know when your neighbors wake up, go to the bathroom and when they leave for work because you memorize their footstep patterns.

7. You have to battle out parking spots with your neighbors... ALL THE TIME.

8. Your neighbors decide to be a jerk and take up two parking spots at a time.

9. Carrying groceries up flights of stairs always ends in at least one bag breaking.

10. You feel paranoid that your neighbors will hear you have sex.

11. You don’t know if the moans you hear through the walls are your neighbors having sex or just watching porn.

12. You know too much dirt on your neighbors because you hear all of your neighbor’s loud phone conversations.

13. You call the cops because your neighbors are screaming way too loud at 2AM ON A TUESDAY.

14. You feel paranoid ALL THE TIME. Did I hear something?

15. Your neighbor’s dog barks furiously when they leave their apartment, and won’t stop until they come home.

16. You constantly hear your neighbor’s parrot because they thought it would be a great idea to have a bird for a pet.

17. That same neighbor with a parrot blasts music every night. How much more annoying can they get?

You really don't want to know….

18. Your neighbors insist on driving too fast in the parking lot, almost causing a three car accident.

19. Your neighbors crash their car into the gate, making your gated community just a community.

20. You can’t believe it took management a few months to fix that gate.

21. When the gate opens, people still don’t know where they should “enter” and “exit.”

22. Your neighbor thinks it’s okay to pull a hit and run on your car because they think you won’t know who did it.

23. That time your air conditioner decided to break in 95 degree heat and it took the landlord a month to fix it.

24. The rent goes up every three months and you just don’t think it’s worth living there anymore because you deal with so much crap on a daily basis.

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