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    The 10 Best Features On Kanye West's "Donda"

    Donda is packed with features, but which 10 stood out the most?

    Kanye West's Donda has arrived. After over a year of delays, followed by sporadic rollouts, the album touched down on a quiet Sunday morning.

    kanye west wearing a puffy red jacket and face mask
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    West was initially supposed to drop the album in 2020; however, the drop date came and went with not much of a peep from the polarizing mogul. Rumors of Donda's revival started in the summer of 2021, and culminated with Ye announcing an album listening event at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. 

    The first listening event gave fans a first official peak into what would become Donda. Jay-Z's verse on "Jail" was the most talked-about moment, as well as a song where Kanye was yelling about losing his family.

    kanye west wearing all red standing in the middle of a stadium
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    But the performance ended, and the album didn't drop. Enter listening event number two, once again at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. This time, Ye hoisted himself into the air at the conclusion of the event, leaving fans to watch him ascend to another level where he could delay the album yet again.

    Ye had one last listening event in Chicago, where he reconstructed his childhood home in Soldier Field. The third time's a charm! Or is it?

    kanye west, dababy, and marilyn manson
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    The event was miraculous, save for Kanye bringing out Marilyn Manson. Manson is embroiled in drama stemming from several women (namely Evan Rachel Wood) accusing him of a range of sexual crimes from grooming and intimidation to assault. Ye brought out Manson along with DaBaby, another artist drowning in drama. The questionable decision left many confused about Kanye's intentions. 

    Donda did actually drop after the third event. Not right away, mind you, and Kanye also claims that the album was released without his consent.

    Had to bring this one back for all these ‘reviews’ of #DONDA

    Twitter: @dollarbillcasey

    Whatever the circumstance, Donda is here. Sometimes it's hard to separate Kanye from himself. He was the ultimate villain during the Trump administration, as the media and keyboard warriors alike joined forces against him. Disturbing and confusing episodes at TMZ and during his failed presidential election showcased Ye's fight with mental health. All of this swirls into Donda, and how people feel about the project.

    The album is his most polarizing since Yeezus, with half of the hip-hop world dismissing the album and the other half praising it as a triumphant return to form. I'm squarely in the latter party. Donda is miles ahead of Ye's last handful of albums, and may be his best work since My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. But only time will tell how Donda is truly received.

    Donda is packed with features. Almost too many to count.

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    Kanye has always been immaculate at picking his features. Although the "Part 2's" could have been merged with their original counterparts, all the other feature placements made sense. If the project was slightly less bloated (or packaged as a double album), the flow would feel less exhaustive. 

    Still, every artist took their moment on Donda and ran away with it. Kanye has a way of bringing out the best performances from those around him. 

    From Jay-Z to KayCyy, these are the 10 best features on Donda:

    1. Jay Electronica

    Tim Mosenfelder / Getty Images

    Now, why can't we get this type of energy from Jay Electronica every time? Jay Elec steals the show on Donda, dropping lyrically laden bars that would satisfy Allah himself on "Jesus Lord."

    Favorite Bars:

    "Earthquakes will strike this nation for what Bush did to Rwanda (Facts)
    What the Clintons did to Haiti and Downing Street did to Ghana (Jesus)
    In Tenochtitlan, they call me Terremoto, El Negro Loco (Lord)
    I shake the tectonic plates of the game if I lay one vocal"

    2. Fivio Foreign

    Johnny Nunez / WireImage / Getty Images

    This is easily the best verse of Fivio's young career. The Brooklyn Drill rapper came to life on "Off the Grid."

    Favorite Bars:

    "Who let the monster loose? (Who let the monster loose? Huh)
    They call me a product of my environment (Uh)
    I tell them, "Nah, I'm what God produced" (Baow)
    Defense good, and them guards can shoot (Baow)
    I put 'em on you, it get hard to move
    Tattoo in my face is the mark of truth
    Gotta watch what you say when they market you"

    3. Baby Keem

    Twitter: @babykeem

    Baby Keem is a bright young star who is destined to REALLY shake the industry up. I'm excited about his debut album, but until then, his verse on "Praise God" is insanity. Enjoy it.

    Favorite Bars:

    "Used to throw up my uncle's spaghetti
    Been told to tote since before I was ready
    Back when my mama told me that I was challenged
    A single Black woman, you know that she petty
    I turned a heavy heart to 2 million dollars
    I put that in totals, reverse outta debty"

    4. Jay-Z

    Shareif Ziyadat / Getty Images for 40/40 Club

    This isn't Jay-Z's best verse, lyrically. However, the gravity of The Throne reunion is enough to make Kanye fans cry. "Jail" still might be the best track on the album, and one of the best songs of the year. 

    Favorite Bars:

    "Hol' up, Donda, I'm with your baby when I touch back road
    Told him, "Stop all of that red cap, we goin' home"
    Not me with all of these sins, castin' stones
    This might be the return of The Throne (Throne)
    Hova and Yeezus, like Moses and Jesus
    You are not in control of my thesis
    You already know what I think 'bout think pieces
    Before you ask, he already told you who he think he is
    Don't try to jail my thoughts and think pre-cents
    I can't be controlled with programs and presets"

    5. Vory

    Vory is the most featured artist on Donda. It's about time he finally receives the recognition he deserves. Such a powerful voice.

    Twitter: @yungONFROY

    Vory is credited with writing hits for the likes of Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Drake, and Bryson Tiller. Funny thing is Vory helped write "Mob Ties," a track where Drake takes shots at Kanye West. Now Vory finds himself all over Donda. It's good to see him getting some shine.

    Favorite Bars:

    "Like who's here when I need a shoulder to lean on?
    I hope you're here when I need the demons to be gone
    And it's not fair that I had to fight 'em all on my own"

    6. Young Thug

    Prince Williams / WireImage / Getty Images

    Young Thug's unique sound and style fit perfectly on "Remote Control," which is easily the best radio-ready track on the album. Thugger's verse is one of the most melodically enjoyable pieces of Donda. 

    Favorite Bars:

    "I want my mob ties to shine (Hah)
    I could caress your mind with the right time (Time)
    Don't you give your love up, this is the right sign (Sign), sign (Yeah)
    I treat you lovely and righteous and kind (Hah)
    And we'll be lastin' with another 'til we die (Yeah)
    I'd give you kids at the drop of a dime (Dime)"

    7. The Lox

    Theo Wargo / Getty Images

    The Lox are having a renaissance moment after smoking Dipset during their infamous Verzuz battle. Kanye was wise to grab the veteran OGs for "Jesus Lord Pt. 2" (although he should have just kept all three of them on the original). 

    Favorite Bars:

    "Broke down soon as I seen him bring the coffin in
    "Lord knows, I just really wanna see you walk again (Uh, Jesus)
    Million dollars cashiers check to the offerin' (Lord)
    They can talk about me all they want, I'ma talk to Him (Uh-huh)
    Some **** get shot in they mouth, never talk again (Yuh)
    After that, they go and get veneers or the porcelain (Jesus)"

    8. The Weeknd

    Kevin Mazur / Getty Images for iHeartMedia

    The Weeknd can make any chorus epic, and that's exactly what he does on "Hurricane." Somehow, he outshines several other features in the little bit of time he has on Donda. 

    Favorite Bars:

    "Finally free, found the God in me
    And I want you to see, I can walk on water
    Thousand miles from shore, I can float on the water
    Father, hold me close, don't let me drown
    I know you won't"

    9. Roddy Ricch

    Paras Griffin / Getty Images for BET

    Roddy Ricch is ascending faster than Kanye being pulled up to heaven at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Using his voice as an instrument, Roddy croons his way into hit-making territory on "Pure Souls."

    Favorite Bars:

    "I've been at the top shinin' like a light pole
    And I'm just a product of whatever I was raised in
    This money sanctified, so I gotta say it again
    They said I was mad at the Grammys
    But I'm lookin' at my Grammy right now
    Pulled up on Ye, and I said, 'They don't understand me'"

    10. KayCyy

    Twitter: @kaycyy______

    Kenyan American rapper and songwriter KayCyy makes sure to stand out on "Keep My Spirits Alive." Although he shares space on the song with Westside Gunn (who is an honorable mention for one of the best features), KayCyy is the true glue of the track.

    Favorite Bars:

    "More than enough
    You can take it all, but the Lord on my side
    The spirit won't die, die
    Oh, oh, my life, yeah
    Is in His hands, so I don't stress, I pray and strategize"

    Honorable Mention: Westside Gunn

    Gilbert Carrasquillo / GC Images / Getty Images

    Honestly... I'm just happy we got a "Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom" ad-lib on Donda. 

    Favorite Bars:

    "I was facin' 15 and I beat it (And I beat it)

    Just spent about 20 up at Neimans (Up at Neimans)
    Did two hundred in a Demon (In a Demon, skrrt)
    I'm the illest **** and I mean it (And I mean it)
    My homie droppin' bodies for no reason (Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom)
    Now his kids see him on the weekends (Ah)
    Got the baking soda for the remix (Remix)
    Millionaires on, I can see it"

    Who do you think had the best verse on Donda?