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5 Reasons To Engage With News

National News Engagement Day is here, and everyone should know.

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"The Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication is leading the effort to make engaging with news a national priority again by sponsoring the first National News Engagement Day. On Tuesday, October 7, everyone is encouraged to read, watch, like, tweet, post, text, email, listen to, or comment on news," according to the NNED website.


3. Changing the reputation of Millennials


The most recent Pew Research Center biennial news consumption survey called 29% of young adults "newsless." National News Engagement Day is here to make that number diminish. Let's change our reputation!

4. Knowledge is impressive


Whether you're on a date, in class, or hanging around with friends you can impress your company with some current events you've been brushing up on. It's always nice to be able to contribute to conversations rather than just nod along.

Let's make news and news engagement a priority! To take the pledge, go here.

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