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    16 Pieces Of Harley Quinn Swag You'd Be Crazy Not To Buy

    Insanity not included.

    1. This sweater, feature the best Harley of them all.

    Hot Topic / Via

    Where can you get one? Hot Topic, naturally.

    2. This collar in Harley's iconic colors.

    TheunicornForest / Via

    Buy it here and wear it with all your outfits.

    3. Or this one, worn as a reminder that she also has your heart.

    BBobByBillie / Via

    You can get it here, and show it off wherever you like.

    4. The sweater that will become your go-to this fall.

    Hot Topic / Via

    Ready to face the cold with madness and style? Buy it here.

    5. Or if you can't wait for cooler weather, go for the long sleeve t-shirt instead.

    HotTopicApparel / Via

    You just have to buy it here and then show it off.

    6. The engagement ring you'd have to be crazy to say no to.

    AllThingsGeekChic / Via

    Rubies, diamonds, and everything you need for the craziest engagement ever. Get it here.

    7. This bracelet that shows off where your allegiances lie.

    GeekGalaxyDesigns / Via

    With mallet and all. Order it here.

    8. If you want something more subtle (very unlike you), how about a little enamel pin?

    Malabows / Via

    For all the "puddins" out there, order it here.

    9. For everybody who fell in love with Harley's newest incarnation.

    TakilaArt / Via

    Take her with you as either a t-shirt or a phone case here.

    10. This tank top to pay respect to Harley's prison style.

    Hot Topic / Via$pdp_hero_zoom$

    Check out the detail on the back here and pick up your own.

    11. The collar with tons of of bling to show off just like your favorite psychopathic villainess.

    Suicide Squad Official Merch / Via

    Bad? Yes. Lacking in style? Never. Buy it here.

    12. Earrings that Harley herself might wear on a date.

    Hot Topic / Via

    You know you want them. Order them here.

    13. The iconic jacket to make you feel like the authentic Harley Quinn.

    Hot Topic / Via

    Even though you know you don't belong to anybody. Order it here.

    14. The charm bracelet that celebrates the whole Squad.

    Main Street 24/7 / Via

    Order it here.

    15. This stylish tote that carries your groceries in full Quinn style.

    GillesBone / Via

    There's no better way to keep them guessing about what you might be carrying around. Buy it here.

    16. The perfect bracelet to give to your better half.

    TaypopDesigns / Via

    A gesture of insanity and love. Order it here.

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