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    21 Signs You Need Some Sex In Your Life

    For those of you with filthy minds.

    1. Everyday things, like this simple croissant, make you think about sex.

    2. And you probably didn't even notice the group of tourists in the background of this photo because you were too busy thinking about sex.

    3. And you forgot the name of this culinary institute the moment you read it because you were thinking about sex.

    4. You saw a lot here, but you missed the fact that they were pastries because you were too busy thinking about...well, you know.

    5. These donuts definitely bring up good memories.

    6. The dog is cute, but that's not where your eye went, was it?

    7. For some reason, of all the plants at the nursery, this is the one that really jumped out at you.

    8. Everyone's been talking about "cupping" a lot lately. You're thinking about it for entirely different reasons.

    9. Listen, it's really not your fault that the ring was the last thing you noticed in this photo.

    10. You may not totally understand modern art, but you know for sure that you like it.

    11. Wait till you get an eyeful of this big, full breakfast.

    12. All of a sudden you're really craving pizza bagels.

    13. And pancakes.

    14. Or maybe just a couple of nice, stuffed rolls.

    15. This is actually just a very expensive chandelier. Very tasteful.

    16. Wow. Quite the presentation. What a delicious-looking...roast carrot.

    17. Just make sure to save room for dessert!

    18. Nature sure is beautiful.

    19. Especially when it comes to our planet's flora and fauna.

    20. If you see anything but dumplings in this photo, you're suffering from a serious case of ~dirty-mindedness~.

    21. You need some more sex in your life. (Or at least some lunch.)