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    13 Tips That Will Make Your Life 1,000 Times Easier

    HGTV ain't got nothing on you.

    1. Fix your iPhone charger with a twist tie from a loaf of bread.

    Karla Agis / BuzzFeed México

    If you can already see the wires inside starting to fray, the solution is in that loaf of bread you just bought. The twist tie will not only protect the cables, but also make it flexible.

    Pro tip: You can also do this with stereo and television cables.

    2. Did you dent a wall? Refill the hole with toothpaste and it'll look as good as new!

    Getty Images

    Apply the toothpaste (white, please) evenly to the hole using a spatula or a card that you don't need anymore. Let it dry for a couple of hours. Sand down any irregularities or bumps and paint over it. It's that easy.

    You can also use toothpaste to fix your floors. All it takes is a brush and a little bit of toothpaste to restore your laminated floor back to its original glory, scratch-free!

    3. You can also cover up holes from nails in the walls by using just a little bit of white soap.

    4. If you don't have oil, try using some PAM cooking spray to keep your doors from squeaking.

    Pam / Getty Images

    But if you have it, you can also use cooking oil or even hair oil.

    5. Make your shoes look like new again with a touch of coconut oil.

    Susana Cristalli / BuzzFeed Brasil / Via

    Start off by cleaning the dirt off your shoes with a wet rag. Then, put a teaspoon of coconut oil on a rag (one teaspoon is a lot, so remember, less is definitely more) and gently rub it against the boots. You'll see the difference immediately.

    (Coconut oil can also be used as a deodorant and to clean your furniture! It's truly magical.)

    6. Fix a poorly sealed window in a matter of minutes with a little bubble wrap.

    7. Eliminate bleach stains on black clothes with the help of a permanent marker.

    If the stain is too big, buy some fabric paint and use that. And if you're dealing with bleach stains on multiple pieces of clothing that are all the same color, dye them all together in your washing machine.

    8. Eliminate that musty odor in your washing machine by following these three simple steps.

    BuzzFeed / Getty Images

    Baking soda + vinegar = the silver bullet.

    9. Make any window look like new with a little bit of Windex and newspaper.

    Yes, newspaper. It will help to eliminate scratches and leave windows looking like new.

    It also helps absorb liquids and bad odors in your trash can. Just put some newspaper on the bottom, outside the plastic bag, and voilà!

    10. Unclog pipes with baking soda and vinegar.

    Use half a cup of baking soda and half a cup of vinegar. You'll see how the mix starts bubbling little by little and eliminating anything that's blocking the pipe, without damaging it.

    11. Fix that pesky defective zipper on your jeans with a key ring.

    12. Eliminate scratches on wood...with a walnut.

    It's no joke. A walnut is all you need to erase those scratches and at the same time leave the surface looking as if it had just been waxed.

    13. Bring your wet cell phone back to life by putting it in a container filled with rice.

    For this to work, you have to a) dry the phone as much as possible with paper towels, b) leave it out all night in a container filled with uncooked rice, and c) let it dry outdoors for 24 hours without turning it on. Do NOT try to turn it on or charge it for any reason until these three steps are complete.

    You can also try using silica gel packets. They will absorb moisture even faster.

    This post was translated from Spanish.