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    Here's How You Can Help People Affected By The Earthquake In Mexico

    Water, medicine, and other provisions are needed.

    On Tuesday, a 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck Mexico, causing widespread damage, including collapsed buildings.

    Yuri Cortez / AFP / Getty Images

    As of Tuesday afternoon, the death toll had risen to at least 139, as officials continued to comb through rubble in Morelos, Puebla, the State of Mexico, and Mexico City.

    Around 18 neighborhoods in Mexico City have reported serious damages and need help.

    Comparto las zonas de daño en CdMx. Por favor Difundan que se necesita mucha ayuda!!! RT

    Many areas affected in Mexico City are asking for food, lanterns, and equipment for excavation.

    Se necesita este material en Escocia y Ferrol. Por favor, RT.

    The online response to the catastrophe has been swift, and people are using social media to provide information on how to help those affected by the earthquake.

    Aquí algunos puntos donde se necesita ayuda. #AyudaCiudadana

    "Here are some places that need help."

    Twitter users have sprung into action, and have gathered and posted addresses of areas that require immediate help.

    Amigos, hice este mapa con los puntos donde hasta las 4:06 pm se necesita ayuda, con base en esta lista. RT…

    "Friends, I made a map of the places that need help based on this list."

    For those who would like to donate economically, here are some organizations currently taking donations:

    You can donate to the Mexican Red Cross using this link.

    If you want to support the victims of the recent #Earthquakes in #Mexico please do so in this link to @CruzRoja_MX

    They've also opened a bank account to accept further donations.

    Ponemos a disposición la siguiente cuenta bancaria para apoyar con donativos económicos. #Sismo #CDMX

    "We've opened the following bank account for those who want to donate."

    Unicef Mexico is accepting donations for child victims of the earthquake. You can donate here.

    Con tu ayuda niños y niñas del #TerremotMexico pueden recuperarse del miedo y la angustia que están viviendo…

    "With your help, girls and boys of the earthquake in Mexico can recover from the fear and anguish they're living through."

    Brigada de Rescate Topos, a group of volunteers that help with disaster relief in Mexico, is also accepting donations through Paypal. They've also opened a bank account.

    Gracias por ayudar a nuestra labor: Santander 92000709294 CLABE 014180920007092942 Paypal: donativos@brigada-rescat…

    Global Giving will provide relief to survivors in the form of emergency supplies in addition to longer-term recovery assistance.

    Another powerful earthquake has hit Mexico. Support locally driven relief and recovery efforts: #MexicoEarthquake

    GoFundMe has several campaigns supporting individual needs.

    Following the devastation in Mexico, we've created a home for the verified campaigns providing help to victims:

    Save The Children is accepting donations to help children in need.

    Ayúdanos a salvar más vidas en emergencias como el terremoto de México

    World Vision staff are preparing to respond and deliver relief supplies to affected communities.

    Magnitude 7.1 #earthquake hits Mexico. @WorldVision is ready to respond

    If you or someone you know is near the affected areas, here's how to help:

    You can also go directly to disaster relief centers to donate provisions and supplies.

    La UNAM abrirá dos centros de acopio.

    "On Wednesday, September 20, a disaster relief center will be open in the Casa Universitaria del Libro, located on the corner of Orizaba and Puebla.

    On Thursday, September 21, the disaster relief center at Estadio Olímpico Universitario will be open."

    In terms of specifics, relief centers are asking for canned goods.

    They're also asking for water, medicine, batteries, flashlights, extension cords, and everyday household items.

    CENTRO DE ACOPIO Plaza Cibeles Colonia Roma. Urge lo siguiente: Agua Medicinas Pilas Medicinas (foto)…

    If you're residing in the affected areas, open your Wi-Fi and take provisions to your nearest disaster relief center.

    Palas, cubetas, alcohol, agua embotellada, gasas, es lo que se necesita en zonas afectadas, dejen su wifi libre. ¡Ánimo, ayudemos!

    To help with communication several institutions are offering phone lines to contact friends and family.

    Puedes contactar a un familiar marcando al 10844517 10844795 o acudiendo directamente al Helipuerto de #CruzRoja en Polanco. #RT

    Finally, as a precaution the Civil Defense and other disaster relief groups have asked people to refrain from entering disaster zones.

    Se necesita atención médica y expertos en estructuras. Asiste al más cercano. Los demás voluntarios abstenerse por…

    "We need medical help and building structure specialists. Please help your nearest disaster zone. All other volunteers refrain from entering."

    Ride sharing apps Cabify and Uber made their services free until 10:00pm.

    Todos los viajes en CDMX y Puebla serán gratuitos para los usuarios de nuestro servicio, hasta las 22 h. de hoy, martes 19.9.17. Max $200

    Estimados Socios Conductores hoy los mexicanos necesitan ayuda. Maneja con precaución, Uber cubrirá los viajes #AyudaCiudadana

    If you or someone you know is in Monterrey, here's a list of disaster relief centers.

    Amigos de #Monterrey RT me llego esta imagen de centros de acopio para enviar a #CDMX #MtyFollow

    This post was translated from Spanish.

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