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17 Crazy Kitchen Hacks You Have To Try

Hey, have you ever tried these weird kitchen hacks?

1. Throw a quarter of an onion in the same container that you're storing your avocado in to stop it from going brown.

2. Open a hard coconut by placing it in a hot oven for 10-15 minutes.

3. Keep onions fresh after cutting them with a little butter.

4. All you need to keep your bananas fresher longer is a little cling wrap.

5. Make two holes in a disposable plate to improvise a lid for your mixer.

6. If you overdid it on the salt, turn off the heat and throw a piece of eggplant or potato into your dish.

7. Place lettuce or spinach in a container and add paper towels to absorb the moisture.

8. If you bought lettuce with the stems intact, submerge them in a container of water and cover the rest with a plastic bag.

9. If you don't have any chocolate sprinkles, improvise with a chocolate bar and a potato peeler to create shavings.

10. Place boiled chicken breasts in an electric mixer on the lowest setting. You'll shred the chicken in record time without getting your hands dirty.

11. If you accidentally leave the cereal box open and it goes stale, all you have to do is put it in the oven for a few minutes to crisp it right up again.

12. Drop an egg into a glass or bowl of water to tell if it's still fresh.

13. Prevent mushrooms from losing their flavor by cleaning them with a moist paper towel or a soft brush.

14. Use a little vinegar to remove grease stuck to pots and pans.

15. Melt any kind of cheese on your burger in seconds.

16. Make the most of the last of a jar of peanut butter or Nutella by using them as breakfast bowls.

17. Spray your chopping board or knife with a little lime juice before chopping onions.

What's your favorite weird kitchen hack? Tell us below!