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5 Ways To Incorporate Turmeric Into Your Life

RE: BUZZFEED FOOD APPLICATION. The Turmeric Latte may not be your cup of tea (or coffee), but that shouldn't stop you from embracing the yellowy goodness that turmeric has to offer.

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Turmeric has long been a household staple in Indian homes. Known for its brilliant healing and antiseptic properties, it is time the world opened its eyes to the wonders of this rather inconspicuous rootstalk.
Disclaimer - Please consult a doctor/ check for allergies before ingesting turmeric or applying it externally.

Cough Drops/ Lozenges / Via

The perfect remedy for a sore or itchy throat/ dry cough. This recipe doesn't have turmeric as a listed ingredient, but adding a teaspoon of organic turmeric powder before heating the mixture would make good use of its anti inflammatory properties, leading to quicker relief.


DIY Turmeric Facemask / Via

This one has been doing rounds in the beauty bloggersphere, as well as on pinterest for a while now. Turmeric's properties make it ideal for those with sensitive skin. Find out how to make your own mask with only 3 ingredients here -

Turmeric Dog Snacks / Via

It is only fair that we share health benefits of turmeric with our furry best friends. A lot of positive buzz has been going around about the benefits of the measured consumption of turmeric for ageing dogs.

Here is a 5 - ingredient, quick whip recipe for peanut butter and turmeric doggy treats.

Disclaimer - Please do consult your vet before making a decision.

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