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What TV Show You Should Binge Based Off Of Your Favorite Disney Villain

Who doesn't love a good bad boy (or girl)? From adolescent fantasies, to gawking at Kylo Ren *heavy breathing*, we all like a great villain. In fact, they are what make a story move forward. Discover which tv show you should binge based off of your favorite villain - the Disney addition!

Karina Schink 2 years ago

11 Reasons Frida Is Your WCW For Life

I watched Frida for the first time. Not only did I cry a lot, but I was changed. She's the original Olivia Pope, the independent badass woman to rule them all.

Karina Schink 3 years ago

Books To Read For Their Upcoming Sequels

2016 is already looking like it's the year of the book. It's also the year of the sequels. Here's your list of all the books you should be reading to prepare for the release of their sequels. (Or reread, because you know, it's like returning home).

Karina Schink 4 years ago