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9 Things That Are #soemerson

Emerson College? Ever heard of it? I'm sure you have, rather from all the viral flashmob videos we made or the amount of times alumni have dropped the name to open doors in the industry, it's guaranteed the name Emerson has been ringing through your ears. Check out these 9 things that are #soemerson.

karinaa409a02971 4 years ago

7 Women To Be Inspired By

In light of the recent hate crime in Colorado, it's important, now more than ever, to celebrate the perseverant spirit of women. Here are seven women who's accomplishments truly deserve to be making world breaking news.

karinaa409a02971 4 years ago

7 Times Bojack Horseman Got Too Real

Bojack Horseman, a show about a talking horse or is it so much more? Check out these seven moments when Bojack Horseman got too real to be a cartoon show.

karinaa409a02971 4 years ago