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31 Undeniable Truths About Going To An All-Girls School In India

If you thought there wouldn't be boy drama, you couldn't be more wrong.

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1. Going to an all-girls school is like going to a sleepover – in the day, every day, five days a week.

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2. Unnecessary grooming takes a backseat cuz there’s literally no(boy)dy around who's afraid of a little leg hair.

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3. People assume you would be poised and well-mannered because you're amidst ladies all the time.

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4. But you know that's not true.

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5. There is no filter between your mind and your mouth.

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Girls' school is the reason for your sass.

6. Fights aren't just two girls having an argument. It's WAR.

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"Whose side are you on?!"

"She should say sorry first!"

7. And if one broke out during recess, it was your teachers' greatest nightmares.

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8. You openly talked about everything from crushes to your menstrual cycle.

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What do you mean, "privacy?"

9. And cracked "non-veg" jokes without having anyone give you any weird looks.

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10. "What time's the next period?" is a joke that will never, ever, ever get old.

11. And unhooking the bra of your friend sitting in front of you will always remain the funniest prank.

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12. You could yell to ask if anyone's got a pad just as you would for a pencil.

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13. Anyone who got their period first or got a boyfriend automatically had a "mature, know-it-all" air about them.

14. And they did not hold back from passing on the minutest detail.

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"He held my hand first and then his grip tightened."

15. Winters were the best because wearing your sweater meant not having to wear a bra to school.

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16. Taking multiple bathroom breaks was forgiven because periods.


17. Skipping multiple P. T. classes was forgiven because periods.

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18. You had a best friend who rocked the short, boy-cut hairstyle till the end of high school.

19. If a tom boyish girl and a "girly girl" were friends, they were branded a couple.

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And it took you many years to realise that it was just dumb stereotyping. THANKS FOR NOTHING, POP CULTURE.

20. School plays were a lot more fun because you got to dress up as boys.

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21. The only "fashion" you could manage was rolling down your socks and tying the sweater around your waist.

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22. Yes, there were quite a few impromptu song and dance sequences during recess. Obviously.


23. Slapping butts as you passed each other in the corridors was a socially acceptable way of greeting.

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24. The length of your uniform shortened with each passing year.

25. You also lived a double life – one at school and the other at your tuitions.

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The only place where to got to mingle with boys.

26. You went to school like a pauper and transformed into a princess before going for your after-school tuitions.

27. If ever there was a single, decent looking male teacher, he became the object of everyone's desires.

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And nobody minded sharing.

28. No news ever travelled faster than that of boys being at school.

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Why are they here? WHAT DO THEY WANT FROM US?... Do I look ok?

29. You now know your way around taking care of any girl going through emotional turmoil.

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Secret: It's just offering lots of hugs, chocolates and pizza.

30. Going to an all-girls school taught you to be competitive, but to not base your identity on men's approval.


Which is why Beyoncé would approve.

31. And even today, if someone gave you the choice to re-do your entire childhood, you know you wouldn't choose anything different.