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    20 Essential "Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge" GIFs For Life's Important Occasions

    When you're about to miss a train but bae pulls you on. <3

    1. When you're high and someone plays Coldplay. Zzzzzzz.

    2. When your friends call to cancel a dinner that you were dreading.

    3. When your annoyingly cute couple friends FINALLY have their first fight and it's a shitstorm.

    4. When your friends are all passed out and then you announce "Pizza's here!"

    5. When your mom tries to explain how a cousin is related to you.

    6. When you're on the dancefloor and that one drunk friend gets a bit too aggressive with their moves.

    7. When you get your first paycheck.

    8. When your crush updates their Facebook profile from "Single" to "In a relationship."

    9. When you wake up after a particularly wild night and are trying to remember if you did anything terrible.

    10. When your exam results are due to be announced the next day.

    11. And you managed to pass in the paper you practically left blank.

    12. When you walk into a party and see your ex there with someone new.

    13. When you and bae are sharing an intimate moment and an aunty shows up.

    14. When you're shit drunk and having a text war.

    15. When bae asks if she looks OK.

    16. When you sneak into the house late at night and everyone's awake.

    17. When it's the end of the month and you could use some ₹₹₹ from your parents.

    18. When you hear, "There's one slice left, does anyone want it?"

    19. When you ordered McDonald's 29 minutes ago and your doorbell rings.

    20. When everyone in the group is laughing and you're trying to get the joke.