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13 Times You Die Every Day During The Summer In India

Is this outside or have I stepped into a furnace?

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1. When you step out of the shower.

2. And are immediately covered in your own sweat.

Seoul Broadcasting System / Via Seoul Broadcasting System

3. When you wear clothes and instantly regret it.

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4. When you get out of an air conditioned room.


5. When you step one inch away from the radius the fan covers.


6. When you step outside your door.

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7. When you stand in the sun for two seconds.

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8. When you enter crowded public transportation.

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9. When you're in a non-AC vehicle and traffic comes to a standstill.

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10. When there's a powercut.

11. When you climb one flight of stairs.


12. Every time you walk two meters.

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13. And every time you brush against another sweaty human being.

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Monsoon can you come soon??!111!!!