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    21 Quora Questions About India That Will Make You Facepalm Very, Very Hard

    "Why India is India?"

    1. "Why is South India called 'South India' and not just India?"

    2. "Why are Indians so emotional?"

    3. "Where is India headed?"

    4. "Does Google hate India?"

    5. "What are some things that make Indians sad?"

    6. "What would have been the scenario in India if Rahul Gandhi was elected the PM of India?"

    7. "What is the Prime Minister of India's email?"

    8. "Why are some Indian girls rude to guys who try to approach them?"

    9. "Is reading a book in public tolerated in India?"

    10. "What are you waiting for in India?"

    11. "Why India is India?"

    12. "What is it like to be a cow in India?"

    13. "Why do people in South India consider the complete rest of India as North India?"

    14. "How is India viewed outside India?"

    15. "Can you take pictures of cows in India?"

    16. "Why is it difficult to date an Indian woman in general?"

    17. "Is India sleeping?"

    18. "Do non-hindus feel offended by the fact that a major newspaper in India is named Hindu?"

    19. "Why do Indian women avoid responding to messages from Indian men?"

    Legit thread here.

    20. "Why don't Indian girls flirt as much as Indian guys?"

    21. "Are Indians Asians?"