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17 Reasons One Direction Should Just Come To India Already

We want you to rock us, rock us, rock us. Yeah.

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1. Because Zayn neeeeds to say this adorable phrase to an audience that understands him.

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2. And because Zayn in a sherwani is a sight our eyes want to relish IRL.

3. Because there are literally hundreds of petitions demanding that the boys come hang out.

And a lot of them have over a thousand signatures.

And a lot of them have over a thousand signatures.

4. Because we will use every opportunity we get, even if it is taking posters at unrelated events like cricket matches, to profess our love for you.

5. We've even presented PM Narendra Modi with a logical explanation to why the nation needs a 1D concert.

6. Because India is home to thousands of adoring, devoted 1D fans.

7. Who will continue doing all things possible to get your attention.

8. Because Mumbai Directioners put up an insane flash mob to spread the 1D happiness.

Watch the full video here.

9. Because Zayn and Louis' Bollywood performance was so wonderful, it deserves to be repeated at its birthplace.

10. Because Liam set all 1D-loving hearts aflame when he acknowledged Indian Directioners at their BKK tour, and made way for hopes of a concert in India.

11. Because Harry is kinda, sorta engaged to an Indian and she'd like for him to have a concert at her home country.

12. Because we've watched all your concerts on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Tumblr, you name it.

13. And read all your interviews a hundred times over.

14. And we've stayed up all night, multiple times watching This Is Us on DVD.

15. And because Harry looks adorable in this Bengali kurta.


16. Because India loves you with all its heart and your presence here will be a dream come true for every Indian Directioner out there.

17. And lastly because India really, truly can't wait to have you!