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    Watch Sachin Tendulkar Give Proof Of How He's Rightly Called The "God Of Cricket"

    Can you just pretend that you didn't retire and return to the field? Thanks.

    In an event called "An evening with Sachin Tendulkar", organised by BMW Australia earlier this year, Sachin Tendulkar was asked a very important question:

    BMW Australia / Via

    And he proceeded to share a beautiful story of how he and Rahul Dravid tackled a challenge in a match against New Zealand in 1999.

    BMW Australia / Via

    Like the master he is, he even dropped some gyan on what "reverse swing" was.

    BMW Australia / Via

    And then finally got to the epic part of how he found a hack, if you will, to turn the disadvantage into an advantage.

    BMW Australia / Via
    BMW Australia

    Listen to the full story straight from the god himself:

    View this video on YouTube

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