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23 Signs You're Too Damn Filmy

*Cue Dharma theme music*♫

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1. Every bus, train, taxi, anything-with-a-window ride you take needs dramatic reflection over life.

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2. A 440-volt smile lights up on your face every time the slightest wind makes your hair fly.

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3. And you automatically seize the moment to capture a candid photo.

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4. Catching a train is a feeling right out of Jab We Met.

Shree Ashtavinayak

5. Or Chennai Express...

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6. Or better yet, Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge.


7. Your playlist consists of all kinds of songs, but you know "Ye Kali Kali Aankhein" is your ultimate jam.

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8. Music these days is great buuttt maza toh sara purane gaano ke gaano mein hi hai.

SLB Films / Imaan Sheikh / Via

9. You can't help but lip sync and act out all your favourite songs, no matter where you are.

10. Your mind's music library is so extensive, having an antakshari battle with yourself is an acceptable pastime.

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11. You use iconic dialogue like Bollywood is your mothertongue.

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12. You've said, "Thappar se darr nahi lagta sahab, pyaar se lagta hai," more than just once.

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13. And you know of a Rahul who has exhausted the usage of "Rahul, naam toh suna hoga."


14. If you're saying you haven't used "Kuch kuch hota hai, tum nahi samjhoge" in passing you're lying to yourself.


15. You just love the monsoon because you find a reason to loop all your favourite rain songs.

Shree Ashtavinayak Cine Vision / Karima Khan

Romancus maximus!

16. You've applied the "Agar wo mujhse pyaar karta/karti hai toh woh paltega" logic to your love life.

17. And when your crush turned, your heart leaped in joy and danced to yet another romantic song.


18. Every new Bollywood movie seems to be based on your love life.

Vishesh Films / Via

And you wonder if you're secretly being followed by scriptwriters.

19. Your nicknames are some derivations of "Hopelessly filmy" and "Nautankibaaz".

YRF / Karima / Via

And you don't even mind it.

20. When you fall in love, guitars and violins do start playing in your heart.

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21. And should a heartbreak happen, you know you can rely on Queen to cheer you up again.

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22. People may judge you for loving Bollywood a tad bit too much.

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23. But you know you'd like to live your life no other way.

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