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This Gay Couple Had An Indian Wedding And Their Love Story Will Give You Happy Tears

The key to a happy gay shaadi, they told BuzzFeed India, is to "surround yourselves with people who love, support, and promote you for who you are."

Meet Neil and Eli, the adorable duo who got hitched in a traditional-with-a-hint-of-modern Hindu ceremony in Brentwood, California.

Their love story began with a chance meeting when they literally bumped into each other outside a store in downtown Modesto, California. Eli waited till Neil came out of the store and asked him out.

In an interview with The Big Fat Indian Wedding they said that while they wanted a traditional Indian wedding, they took out rituals that “were degrading to women and unequal, like kanyadaan.”

Kanyadaan is the Hindu ritual of the bride's father giving away his daughter to her husband.

"The rituals were tailored to represent us as equals in the relationship; including the saptapadi and the pheras. We were happy that we could keep the ceremony as modern as possible without losing the traditional touch," they told TBFIW.

Saptapadi are the seven sacred vows of marriage and pheras are the seven rounds you take around the holy fire.

Coming out of the closet while dealing with the Indian mentality on homosexuality was very difficult. I never told my family, they knew because Eli had been living with me for over two years in the same room. LOL. I mean, how do you discuss something like this with your family? In my family, we don't get emotional. So it was very difficult even expressing the words. There were personal attacks made towards us, I was not accepted by my family. In fact, I don't think our relationship is accepted by most of my immediate family members even now.

They got dressed in exquisite sherwanis for their big day. ❤

Sealed their love in holy matrimony. ❤

And danced away to Bollywood tunes at their reception. ❤

Watch their wedding reel here:
Fight for your love, your dreams, and your right to be your unique and beautiful self. The world can change only if you keep pushing forward. As much as we desire acceptance from family, it is not needed to be happy or to live life to its fullest. Surround yourselves with people who love, support, and promote you for who you are. They are your true family. Be proud, stay strong, and your journey will be happier and brighter.

Published with permisson from The Big Fat Indian Wedding.