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Live Out Your Bollywood Dream With This Hilarious New App

Roll sound... Action!

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Have you been mouthing Bollywood dialogues for as long as you can remember?


Do you get called "dramebaaz," "filmy," and "nautanki"?

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Did you love it when you were told, "Isko toh Bollywood mein hona chahiye!"?

Sohail Khan Productions

Well, congratulations! The gods of technology have blessed your filmy heart with an app that gives you the stage to act out your favourite scenes, called "Dubsmash."

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And my my, is it the best app ever!

Tried out #dubsmash! #jabwemet #love #funny #bollywood #acting #hehehe

A video posted by Karima Khan (@wotcherdutchess) on

Their sound library has a whole bunch of Bollywood and Tollywood clips.

Karima Khan
Karima Khan

If you can't find what you want to dub, you can even upload your own!

A lot of people are already having fun with it. Like this guy.

Haha, thanks for sending us your video Sahib Gakhar!

Posted by Dubsmash India on Monday, February 23, 2015

And this guy.

Used #dubsmash for the first time..! Its fun Will try more 😉 Till then #donkopakadnamushkilhinahinamumkinhai 😜

A video posted by Sanmesh Sapkal (@absolutelysamyy) on

You can dub over anything from any language.

Colors TV

From dialogues...

#haha #tarbuj #sunilshetty #pareshrawal #again #funny #dubsmashindia #dubsmash #crazy #addiction

A video posted by Vikram Pagare (@vikkie45838) on

And iconic scenes...

Mere paas maa hai

Posted by Meenal Prabal Bhadoria on Thursday, April 23, 2015

To songs.

New Olay ad featuring us. #DubSmash #dub #crazy #vid #olay #music

A video posted by Swagata Dam (@swagatadam) on

Go crazy. Download Dubsmash for iOS and Android, turn on your filmy mode and share your videos with us in the comments!

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