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12 People Who Miss Maggi More Than You Do


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1. This boy for whom Maggi was bae.

Amazing Rain in #Pune People miss Girlfriend and I'm missing my Maggi :/

2. This boy who thinks maybe it's only just a dream.

3. This girl who can't contain her feels #sad.

#IMissYou a lot #Maggi ,i just love d taste n saup of maggi ,i cant explain n forget d #best moment of life u give me..!! #LoveYouMaggi #Sad

4. The parent who did this.

@the_sneha When you MISS your loved one very much.....Oh I mean 'MAGGI' :P

5. This boy who... awwh.

Making up the missing maggi by watching its ads :( #MaggiBan

6. This boy who doesn't want to let it go.

7. This girl who knows how to make good things last longer.

I am already missing #Maggi. Some few packets remaining at home. Will eat slowly. 😐

8. These boys who made a song about their broken heart.

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9. This boy who can break any time now.

Kitni aasani se bana lete the, Missing you Yaar.......:'( — looking for maggi

10. This boy whose whole world has become black and white.

Something's missing from these shelves! I miss #maggi

11. This guy who clearly has life all planned out.

Shayan Roy

12. And this girl who will never be able to trust again.

A bond of 20 years, uncountable memories, not so easy to break.Feeling like cheated, betrayed. A divorce without any legal procedure #Maggi