21 Signs Your Muslim Friend Is Fasting

They have a date lined up every night. And they won’t stop making puns about it.

1. Their Instagram feed is full of #Iftaari.

Die of hunder during the day. Die of fullness after Maghrib.

2. And #Sehri.

3. And, of course, a special mention for Roohafza!

The Red Draught Ramadan is incomplete without!

4. They don’t get tired of sharing this joke.

Seriously. Year after year after year.

5. They put important notices on their desk.


6. And they keep their distance while having any face-to-face conversations.

Allah may love that fasting breath, but humans definitely don’t.

7. If you ask them the time:

8. They’ve started seeing Ramadan references in all popular culture.

John Gara

John Gara / buzzfeed.com


9. Their weekend Check-Ins look like this:

And at Gulsan-e-Iran, Shalimar, Bade Miya, Rajasthan, Naya Nagar.

10. And their weekend plans when they aren’t eating look like:

Disney / Via blisstree.com

‘Hey, you wanna do something this weekend?’
‘No, I’m really, really busy.’

11. Their tagged photos look like this:

It’s usually their aunt who has just discovered facebook. If you want to know who your friend’s family is, click on the 25 others.

12. Their standard reply to almost anything:

‘Let’s go take a walk’
‘No bro, I’m fasting’

13. Their reaction when someone lies about fasting:

New Line Cinema / Via rebloggy.com

We all have that one friend who says he’s fasting but is later seen grabbing lunch.

14. If they walk into a place with food during the day:

Fox / Via mediavida.com

Let’s moonwalk out of here and come back after Iftaari maybe!

15. Their face if there’s a lunch party at work:

The CW / Via anndoyle.tumblr.com

Earn some sawaab, save something tasty for them!

16. And when they keep a fast without Sehri, you’ll know to treat them extra nicely all day:

Maghrib, y u so far?

If I just lay here, maybe Maghrib will come faster.

17. Even though they’re totally chill with you eating/drinking around them, you’ll be too consumed by guilt to ever actually do it.

Screen Gems / Via coffeeticks.my

Screen Gems

18. There’s no use trying to talk to them in the 10 minutes leading up to Iftaari because they’re definitely preoccupied.

Disney / Via 2014hs.igem.org

19. And if you happen to witness that first bite, you’ll know what true joy looks like.

Travel Channel / Via firstwefeast.com


20. Anyway, your job is to be as supportive as possible – this is an extremely important (yet difficult!) month for your pal.

21. And, in return for your unconditional love and support, feel free to demand all the delicious food you want.


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