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    14 Things Only Anxious People Will Understand

    WARNING: Reading may increase anxiety level by 20%.

    1. Debating whether it’s better to be 15 minutes early to avoid being late, or 10 minutes late to avoid small talk.

    IFC Original Productions / Via

    Sometimes you just can't win.

    2. Needing more than a second to recalibrate your mindset if plans change.

    RatPac-Dune Entertainment, Warner Bros. / Via

    My mouth says, "I can go with the flow" while my insides scream, "omg, WHAT."

    3. Overanalyzing how much you overanalyze.

    Harpo Studios / Via

    Freaking out about freaking out.

    4. Going down an endless WebMD rabbit hole because you have a headache and are diagnosing yourself with swine flu and SARS.

    Snee-Oosh, Inc., Nickelodeon Animation Studios / Via

    Queue the frazzled Google search.

    5. Planning out full conversations in your head before having them.

    Jax Media, On the Day Productions / Via

    If I say this, then they'll say that.

    6. Looking up exactly how long it will take to get somewhere every time you commute...

    RBA, 343 Incorporated, MGMT. Entertainment, FXP / Via

    Must. Be. On. Time.

    7. ...Then feeling your heart rate increase 10x when traffic has doubled the time of your drive.

    Google / Via


    8. Making reservations for every meal out because WHAT IF THERE ISN’T A TABLE AVAILABLE.

    ANTI- Records / Via

    Same thing with buying movie tickets, booking a workout class, etc.

    9. Having a day off work just to remind yourself of the 300 things you should be working on.

    IFC Original Productions & Broadway Video / Via

    What is rest?

    10. Trying to figure out how calm people live their lives.

    So Easy Productions, Irony Point, Jax Media / Via

    How are their feathers so unruffled?

    11. Convincing yourself that you are about to die every time you board a plane.

    The Orchard Films / Via

    And spending takeoff trying to simultaneously project calm to fellow passengers while also making peace with the fact of your imminent demise.

    12. Checking to see if your alarm is set correctly 3+ times before falling asleep, JUST TO BE SURE.

    Walt Disney Pictures / Via

    If I sleep in, THE WORLD MIGHT END.

    13. Then remaining awake for hours because your brain chooses this moment to remind you of all potential problems that need resolving.

    United Plankton Pictures, Nickelodeon Animation Studios, Rough Draft Studios / Via

    And desperately needing an "off" button for your brain.

    14. Appreciating your calm & collected friends who remind you everything is going to be OK.

    Bright/Kauffman/Crane Productions / Via

    We're all in this together.

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