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    A Cat's Favorite Toys

    What will a cat claim as his favorite toy? Hint: It's now what we'd prefer.

    Bread Twist Ties


    And oh how they get stuck under EVERYTHING!

    Milk Rings


    Nothing like stepping on this beauty in the dark. Now if only I could pinpoint who keeps tossing them to the cat...



    Long enough to poke holes in them with his sharp little teeth. Then no one plays with them.

    Hair Ties


    I use to have dozens. Now the cat has dozens. I've seen what he does to them, I don't want them back.

    Earbuds And All Dangly Cords


    All the better if they are still attached to your head. Oh, and speaking of attached things...



    Seriously. Is my cat the only one that likes fingers and toes?

    What won't my cat play with?

    Glad you asked!


    Of course we all know the one toy that beats them all...



    Errr... Plane

    What weird things do your cats play with?

    I'd love to hear your stories in the comments! (So I know what to keep away from my frisky friend.)

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