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    5 Reasons Not To Watch Fifty Shades Of Grey

    Fifty Shades of Abuse - If you're going to read the books and watch the movies, please at least know some basic facts.

    1. It's Twilight Fanfic.

    That alone should give you an icky feeling, but let us dig psychologically deeper!

    It depicts her sexual fantasies after reading the series.

    She should have just bought a flogger and had some fun.

    2. It glorifies abusive relationship and puts it under the BDSM title to make it look ok.

    It's not ok. This is not BDSM!

    The way he talks to her isn't BDSM: it's rude and abusive.

    "How could you be so stupid?" Yeah, Anna! How could you! After all you chose this relationship!

    3. It does not properly depict BDSM in any way.

    This is both insulting to the culture and dangerous to those who decide to dabble after seeing this.

    The key to BDSM is trust and no or a safe word being respected is essential to that trust!

    She tells him no and he tells her that is she struggles he'll only tie her up.

    4. By not properly following BDSM rules, it becomes rape

    And therefore this movie just feeds into rape culture and the objectification of women.

    Can't forget that when she draws a boundary, he mockes her

    She told him she felt demeaned, abused, debased, and assulted and he told her the decided to be in this relationship and then told her she didn't feel that way anyway. Uh, hello red flag!

    5. Really, this book is through and through a showcase of domestic abuse.

    It is not normal for a partner to want to beat the seven shades of {crap} out of you.

    Stalking is always creepy and only normal within domestic abuse situations

    Or did we forget he tracked her via her phone and threatened she could never escape him.