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    10 Books You Need To Stop Everything And Read NOW

    Various degrees of light reads to heavy hitters, these books are worth what they do to your insides. (Laugh, cry, and think. That's what they'll do to you insides.)

    1. The Queen of the Murder Mystery

    2. The Heaviest Read: By Weight

    3. This Might Get To You: But Only If You're Human

    4. A Light and Fun Read From the Origins of Science Fiction

    5. Young Adult, Yet A Mature Decision

    6. Only The First Book Of The Weirdest Series You Could Hope To Read

    7. By Far My Favorite: It Really Makes Me Think

    8. You Don't Have To Be A Gamer To Find The Humor Here; Or The Deep Thoughts

    9. Get Ready To Laugh So Hard You Can't Breath

    10. Neil Gaiman is ALWAYS Relevant.