Karen L.
Proud mom to Dr. Ryan and future mom-in-law of the newly minted Dr. Jennifer
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    • Karen L.

      Does anybody find it strange that Buzz Feed and its staff are exactly what The Newsroom was railing against? Buzz Feed is not news and apparently the staff can’t be bothered to research what they are writing about. It’s “just a TV show” but that doesn’t mean whoever writes about it shouldn’t be knowledgeable about the series as a whole - you can’t just start writing about one episode, taken out of context, and expect to get it right. I wish our “news” media, either old school or new school, would understand that. It’s more important to get it right, than to be first - but they don’t get that. The Boston episode was a perfect example of that. It’s OK for citizens to call in tips and to contribute (as in the Eric Garner / Michael Brown stories) - it keeps people honest, but only if the news people do their research, too. Rolling Stone has been caught up in the frenzy “to be first.” They had some of the best investigative journalism on the planet and apparently started paying attention to being first, rather than being right. I don’t like to see backpedaling. I want the truth, even if I have to wait for it.

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