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    8 Budget-Friendly Fashion Bloggers You Have Yet To Discover

    We love looking at designer pieces worn by street style stars and fashion bloggers, but few of us can actually afford them. That explains the rapidly rising numbers of fashion bloggers who proved we can look fab on a budget. Budget-friendly fashion blogs like Frugal Fashionista and Cheap Chica have already earned their fame, but the next, sartorial-wise generation is already breathing down their neck.

    Cortney Dryden, Cort In Session

    Cort In Session / Via

    The 26-year-old Cortney started her style blog "in a desperate need to have a place to be completely girly". Travelling the country with NASCAR doing PR for an XFINITY Series driver, Cortney hated seeing her closet full of nice clothes sitting unworn, she says. Her style shows a striking woman confident in her femininity: Flowing midi skirts and heels, leo print, vibrant colors and statement necklaces, she has them all. “It terrified me to put my style, thoughts, and suggestions out on the interwebs but, as Sylvia Plath said, “the worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt”, she writes on her blog.

    Irene Kleimann, Mirabili Vestium

    Mirabili Vestium / Via

    Founded in 2014 by Haifa based Irene Kleimann, Mirabili Vestium goes for simple elegance and minimalist wardrobe staples that never go out of fashion. 31-year-old Irene started her fashion blog to play with styles and trends she never had the chance to wear in real life. "I love playing with different styles, trying them on like masks, to see … which will turn me from a common girl into the next best thing, quick as magic”, she writes in one of her posts. Irene’s style is about classic pieces and subdued colors, which she pairs with accessories in bolder tones. Her motto is “Fashion should be fun, and true elegance is simple”. Coco Chanel would definitely agree.

    Marie McGrath, The Joy of Fashion

    The Joy of Fashion / Via

    Marie is the 26-year-old blogger behind The Joy of Fashion. She started her blog in 2009 as a hobby that would focus on her love for fashion. Since then it has blossomed into a blog featuring daily outfit inspirations, style tips, beauty tutorials and even holiday crafts. Marie describes her style as “very colorful, bright, and feminine with just a touch of quirky and whimsical”. She worked with brands like Nike, Claire's, Guess and Bath and Body Works, and has been featured in Cosmopolitan for Latinas and Revista Ellas (Panama). The blog name is a statement. “My goal for my readers is for them to leave my blog with a big smile on their face”, she says. As far as we can tell, her magic works!

    Joanna Hui, Grace in Style

    Grace in Style / Via

    Grace in Style is a Chicago-based style, lifestyle and travel blog run by Joanna Hui. Joanna’s style is colorful and classic in a charmingly feminine, relaxed way. Beside outfit inspiration, her blog also offers recipes and a Youtube channel where you can listen to covers and mashups. The 25-year-old Joanna grew up balancing school with music, went on to receive degrees in violin performance and biology and ultimately decided to study medicine. She started blogging in medical school to share her belief that we were all created to create. “My hope is to show that living a life of grace is stylish and can positively impact this world in big or small ways”, she says. Good luck, Joanna! The world needs people like you.

    Maria Morales, Kitties + Couture

    Kitties + Couture / Via

    "I can't pass up a great pair of heels or the perfect t-shirt". That quote from San Francisco blogger Maria Morales offers a taste of her style, which is about investing in basic pieces and a few timeless staples to create minimal, classic looks versus experimenting with trends. The 29-year-old owner of Kitties + Couture works in marketing for a fashion tech company, so you may say she knows her stuff. Maria’s best staple is her lovely smile – you won’t catch her without it!

    Allyssa Griffiths, Life with Lyss

    Life with Lyss / Via

    Allyssa Griffiths is a 22-year-old college senior studying Applied Communication at Kent State University. She started blogging in 2013 as a creative outlet and to connect with others. Today, Life with Lyss has evolved into a full-scale fashion and lifestyle blog. Allyssa loves “anything and everything soft and feminine”, she says to Lauren Conrad where she’s been featured as Chic of the Week, and this style definitely suits her well. Beside Lauren Conrad, Allyssa has been featured in Seventeen Magazine and The Odyssey.

    Emma Honohan, Emma’s Style Guide

    Emma’s Style Guide / Via

    Emma is a 18-year-old blogger from Boston who founded Emma’s Style Guide in mid-2013 as a creative outlet. She is currently studying business management and intends to involve both business and fashion into her career, she writes in her style blog. Emma likes to try on different trends and styles and says her style can range anywhere from grunge, minimalistic, girly, and even preppy – “it really depends on how I feel that day”, she says. Judging by the results, this girl feels great!

    Celea Jade, Celea Jade

    Celea Jade / Via

    Celea is a 21-year-old blogger from Miami, Florida. She created her blog to show off her polished style, as well as inspirational and uplifting messages to her readers. Celea’s style is classic and ladylike, but she won’t say no to trends and vibrant colors. Elegant dresses and chic jumpsuits, classic coats and boyfriend jeans – she mixes and matches styles and colors like a pro. She received her B.A. in Fashion Merchandising/Retail Marketing, has worked for several showrooms and high-end retail stores and contributes to iLuvYourHair.