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    The 10 Things Everyone Applying To BuzzFeed Canada Will Make Lists About

    BuzzFeed recently posted they are on the lookout for Canadians to join their team of Staff Writers at their soon-to-be-opened Toronto office. They asked interested parties to put together lists as a part of their application packet. Let's countdown the things that everyone will likely put in their lists, shall we?

    10 Things That Are Called Something Different In Canada


    You're going to see the term "bunnyhug" a lot, despite it being relegated to a small part of the western provinces

    10 Foods You Can Only Get In Canada


    A list of the absolute worst Canada has to offer (and often with a judgy differentiation as to what "Smarties" are)

    *Smarties are actually available in other countries that are not america

    10 People You Didn't Know Were Canadian


    What is it like living in a place with no media? Are you even reading this?

    10 Canadian Restaurant Chains You Have To Try


    Please do not blame all Canadians for one misguided one telling you to visit Tim Horton's

    10 Places in Canada You Have To VIsit Before You Die

    I'm so glad that underrated location no one has heard of, Whistler, home to the Winter Olympics is getting its due

    10 Canadian Sayings You've Never Heard


    Lard tunnerin' Jees-ass, no one really cares.

    10 Reasons Canada is Better Than The United States


    Canadians might not be first in many things, but they are first in thinking they are better than Americans

    10 Uniquely Canadian Foods


    Someone knows how to Google! And they will attempt to convince you that everyone has eaten seal flipper pie.

    10 Canadian Sports Achievements We Cling Desperately To

    Scott Audette / Reuters / Via

    It's a great photo op. Not going to lie.

    10 Most Canada Things That Ever Canada-ed


    Check all boxes which apply:


    ☑︎Colourful money

    ☑︎Extreme Snow Sports

    ☑︎Riding Snowmobiles to locations

    ☑︎Storing beer in "nature's fridge"

    But in the end, it will always conclude with a cute but trite statement about how they wuv Canada u guys!

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