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5 Memes That Pretty Much Sum Up Graduating High School

Because memes are a healthy part of balanced all-nighter diet. For more check out High School Sensei ;)

Karen C 2 years ago

6 Latino Truths That Are TOO Real When Turing 18

Because your "ama" is still the badass boss

Karen C 2 years ago

America: Wake Up And Smell The POTUS!

After 19 years of living, breathing, eating, and learning on this Earth, there is one statement that I know everyone can testify to be true. We are so very ready for the 2016 Presidential Election to be over. We’re almost as ready for this as high school seniors are ready to “spread their wings” (insert the cheesy metaphor of your choice here). I’m no politician/election expert here. But, I have a few ideas of my own as to why AMERICA IS FED-UP AGAIN....

Karen C 2 years ago