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  • Sim City: A Game To Kill For

    Games based on films have a sordid history, but surely in the hands of Frank Miller and Will Wright a Sim City game based on a film based on a comic would be great, right?

  • Nails Guns Are Powerful. People Are Stupid. X-rays Reveal What Happens When These Two Fundamental Truths Come Together…

    Despite the jokes that so often seem to accompany media reports of nail-gun accidents, the rising frequency of such injuries is nothing to laugh at: There are some 14,800 incidents a year among nonprofessionals, according to reports. Most injuries are simple, treatable puncture wounds. But gun-driven nails can also cause more serious problems. They’re powerful enough to fracture bones, including the ones that surround your very delicate gray matter.

  • 10 Crazy Ways Smokers Finally Kicked the Habit

    Quitting smoking is hard—just ask John Mellencamp. The 58-year-old rocker had a heart attack in 1994, but he still smokes. Mellencamp’s 14-year-old son Speck created a Facebook group—1,000,000 to Join, My Dad John Mellencamp Will Quit Smoking. If it attracts 1 million people, Mellencamp swears he’ll kick the habit once and for all. By January 2010, almost 290,000 Facebook users had joined. But you don’t have to be a rock star to find creative ways to quit smoking—though you’ll feel like one when you do. Here, some ex-smokers share the crazy things that finally helped them kick the habit.

  • Win Dinner With Admiral Adama Himself, Edward James Olmos

    Fill out a Viper Pilot Application for a chance to win dinner with the Admiral, Edward James Olmos! ## Calling all Nuggets! Here’s your chance to win a trip to Los Angeles to dine with Edward James Olmos. Frakkin’ awesome, right? But we’re not just going to bestow this honor on anyone. You’ll need to fill out the “Viper Pilot Application” form so that we know you qualify for consideration. You will be asked to answer 10 questions. Entries will be judged on the following criteria: 1) Knowledge of Battlestar Galactica TV series as displayed in the answers; 2) Creativity in formulation of answers; and 3) Clarity of thought in presentation of answers. So grab your gun and bring in the cat. Good hunting!

  • UGO Remembers Jeff Goldblum

    Jeff Goldblum had more talent in his left eyebrow than most actors possess in their entire beings. The guy was a dynamo, appearing in dozens of our favorite films, from Buckaroo Bonzai to Powder. Yet somehow, he has never been properly recognized for his monstrous contributions to cinema. We can’t remember him ever standing on a podium, stuttering his way through a philosophical and adorable acceptance speech. He never got the love he deserved… until now. In remembrance of one of Hollywood’s finest, we bring you our favorite Jeff Goldblum moments on the big screen.

  • Kobe Bryant is Playing for the Knicks - Cover of NBA 2K10

    Behold the cover athlete of NBA 2K10, Kobe Bryant the Knick! Not really though. Tonight, 2K will air a Spike Lee TV spot that will reveal to NBA fans everywhere Kobe as the new cover athlete for the 2K juggernaut just prior to Game One of the finals. What you see to the right is a mock up, (a lark, if you will) playing on the Spike Lee’s love of the Knicks and imagining Kobe in the royal blue. The real cover will show a Kobe in Laker gold in one of three position. So don’t freak out, Jack Nicholson.

  • Dream Announcements for E3 2009

    Back in 1969, I shared a dinner with John Lennon, Mick Jagger and Yoko Ono. The night was casual; we sat on the floor and ate chicken and rice (Ono’s favorite) with our fingers. Around the time dessert arrived - rice pudding, rice was the dinner’s theme - Jagger asked Lennon if he could cover the relatively recent single, “Hey Jude.” Lennon adamantly refused and after Jagger continued to needle him for permission, Lennon shouted “Mick, you can’t always get what you want” unintentionally inspiring Mick Jagger to write one of the greatest Rolling Stones songs. That story is false. And so are the following fifteen announcements that I absolutely guarantee you won’t see at E3 2009. No matter how much you (and countless other gamers) want them.

  • Gateway to Feeling Good

    Despite being chased, beat up, shot at, hunted down like animals and generally treated with disrespect, James Franco and Seth Rogen were able to take it all in stride with the help of certain substances in Pineapple Express. In honor of those two and countless other enhanced duos, we present the Gateway to Feeling Good, featuring the Top 11 movies, cartoons, albums, graphic novels and gear for when you’re getting such a groove on - and want to take it to the next level. You don’t have to run afoul of drug dealers and corrupt cops to take the Express, you know.

  • 25 Things Every Gamer Should Own

    For gamers that like to wear their fandom like a scarlet letter, for gamers that scored some extra cash when that McDonald’s coffee scolded your trachea, for gamers that paradoxically hate videogames, but love videogame culture, we’ve compiled 25 things that you should own. Enjoy the t-shirts, shoes, earrings, coffee tables and ephemera that make up the periphery of gamer merchandise. We hope you enjoy these ways to postpone chipping away at your college debt.

  • The Best Fake Bands On Film

    Fake bands usually suck. If you wanted real music, you’d listen to a real band. And crap bio-pics like The Doors and Walk The Line don’t count. Those dudes didn’t write that music in the first place. But every once in awhile, a writer can come up with a representation of a group of musicians on film, that makes us want them to press some vinyl and rock our worlds for real. So we present to you our favorite Fake Bands in film. And no, we didn’t count Spinal Tap. Too easy.


    1UP’s Kwisatz Haderach, Thierry Nguyen, delivers the goods with this 3 page preview of Double Fine’s heavy metal adventure, Brutal Legend, along with some more new screenshots.

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