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32 Signs You Grew Up In Ealing

You can take the kid out of Ealing, but you can't take the Ealing outta the Kid.

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1. You know red back isn't just a deadly spider but was a place to damage your liver, listen to awful cover bands and vomit profusely on cheap alcohol served by mildly hot aussies.


9. You've had a parent drive down to and angrily retrieve you from one of the following of Ealing's open spaces (delete as appropriate); the green / ditch / pitshanger / culmington park / the reservoir.

11. You supported the petition for a skate park for years, but never actually thought they'd build one. Now they finally have you're too old. This is an injustice you live with everyday.


16. The Drayton. Christmas Eve. Nuff said.


32. Finally. When you're leaving and you hear that “the train terminates at “Hainult Via Newbury Park”, and still smile everytime you hear it, because it sounds like she’s saying Anal.

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