The Best And Worst Political Advertising In Asia Pacific

Ever wondered how political parties advertise across Asia Pacific? Wonder no more

Music makes it better

In 2007, the Philippines’ TEAM Unity party understood a catchy tune sold a message…

What’s with the fish?

and stuck with the formula for their second ad

Love is in the air

This year’s Malaysian Election is bringing karaoke to politics

Speaking of love (oh you, Japan)

Leading up to Japan’s Lower House election, the ruling LDP came out with an interesting animated attack ad against main rival DPJ in the form of a first date conversation

The LDP has form. Their ads are rather awesome. I like to think this one depicts an analogy of running the country as cooking dinner

and I have no idea what this one is, but it’s simple, direct and too good not to include

Meanwhile, their opposition seems to be on a sinking ship.

The best from South Korea is from their TV stations

In last year’s South Korean elections, the stand out videos were from the TV stations themselves, including SBS’

Most boring goes to Down Under

Sadly, Australia’s political awesomeness is lacking. All we have is some guy call Katter and his Katter’s Australian Party


And our main Opposition party seems to have an unhealthy obsession with bad animation

Most of Australia’s political advertisements follow the same formula demonstrated by the current Government’s 2010 election highlight. Black and white awkward headshot, menacing voice over and bold text

Wait, maybe there’s hope?

Thank goodness Henry Heng in Western Australia made a gallant effort to brighten things up.

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