The 10 Most Desperate Brands On Facebook

These brands want, no, need your like. And they’ll do anything to get it

10. Kitteh? Tick

Interface loses 5 points for not calling it ‘Caturday’

9. Puppies? Tick

What if you’re not in love on Valentine’s Day? Well, just take a holiday with puppies

8. Of course you knew there was a National Toilet Paper Day, right?

At least it’s on-brand…

7. Famous band? Tick

Who doesn’t like The Beatles? Of course you’re going to “LIKE” this cheap, lazy likebait

6. Inspirational? Tick

Hope GE also offer insurance to people walking around looking up at the sky…

5. Like to help a kid recover? Tick

You may not be as famous as Michelle, but you can help a kid recover just by hitting that thumbs up button!

4. Let’s make the kid look even more desperate

Papa John’s aren’t asking for anything but your click. Phew! *like*

3. But wait. Your Like is worth money!

Don’t know how to help a charity? Just like 6ABC and they’ll do the hard work for you and donate 50 cents. Easy!

2. Bing Lee is doubling the worth of your Like. A whole dollar!

A dollar for every new fan. And they’re going to help spread the word. Your ‘Like’ has never been more powerful. Or valuable…

1. And the winner goes to…

It has everything. A dollar per LIKE bait. LIKE in red, capital letters. References to kids. And a train. Ding, ding, ding. Good work, Kohl’s.

But this is how it should be done. Good job, Unicef

Now go and donate. Then ‘Like’ Unicef. Or pictures of vaccinated kids.

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