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    16 Products That Women Don't Really Want

    Yes, women make up half the population. And sometimes we like pink things. But more often than not, we don't want what you think we want.

    1. Does pink make it faster?


    Of course, a pink PC is going to appeal to all women. Just like blue is what men want.

    2. But is it light enough?

    Women aren't strong enough to carry around devices of a normal weight. Even if they're pink.

    3. Listening never looked so good.

    Don't worry about the sound quality, these earphones have bling.

    4. After working hard on the PC, time to fix some things.

    Leave your iconic brand color behind and brand that women-friendly army knife pink for instant appeal!

    5. Or for those bigger jobs.


    Nothing says "handy" like a tool kit in baby pink.

    6. Once you've fixed the thing, time for the garden.


    Because if you're going to haul heavy things, you'll need to look cute.

    7. With your matching garden tools!


    Now all the gardening woman needs are some matching gumboots.

    8. Don't forget your feet.


    Now you're fully coordinated and gendered up for your next gardening session.

    9. After all that hard work in the garden...'ll need an energizing drink to pink, err, pick you up.

    10. Now you'll have energy for:


    Wonder if the bullets are pink too?

    11. Or if you need something a bit lighter (remember, nothing heavy):


    This may, at least, be a genuine use of a female asset.

    12. With all that pink shooting, you'll need special earplugs.

    "Sleep pretty in pink."

    13. And once you've worked up a thirst:


    Pink? Tick. "Witness the chickness."

    14. Don't worry if you prefer wine...


    You're covered. Because women don't want great wine. They want to drink the elixir of sassy bitches.

    15. ...or something stronger.

    Via Facebook: welovetequilarose

    For those days when pink-branded beer and wine just aren't strong enough.

    16. And in case all that left your skin dirty:


    Only women get pimples, you know.

    Gender-based marketing? Ugh.

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